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Emergency call 07940 183600 or (if no reply) 01932 240790

Swans - Our most majestic water bird

Wherever you find water in the UK you will probably find at least one pair of swans adding a touch of beauty to the countryside.

In the main they are a docile creature that will happily come to you as you walk along the river bank or tow path of a canal.

Unfortunately, now and again they need the help of us humans when they get into trouble

Comment from a canal boat resident following an oil spill on the Grand Union Canal. “ We're looking forward to having them back on the cut. Let us know of their planned release date, and we'll arrange a welcoming committee”

If you see an injured or distressed swan then please call for advice

Whenever possible we will treat an injured or distressed swan on site but now and again they require the attention of a veterinary nurse and a huge amount of ‘tlc’.

The Hertfordshire Swan Rescue Team work very closely with The Swan Sanctuary who advise us on all matters relating to injuries and all swans that we are unable to treat  on site are taken to them for assessment and treatment. In most cases once successfully treated the swans are returned to their ‘home’ water.

Any swans that are unable to return to the wild live a happy life at  The Swan Sanctuary where their every need is catered for.

The majority of our call outs are for stranded cygnets who, having left their parents (or more likely been ‘chased off), find themselves a little lost. These are then collected and placed in one of the ‘safe’ flocks around the county where they will live until around four years of age before finding a mate and setting off to set up their own family.

Check out our FAQ’s page for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If in doubt always call us. We really do not mind.

Common injuries we encounter

Lost or confused - you will be surprised where we have collected young swans from. Car parks, corn fields, town centres, gardens to name but a few.

Struck by vehicles - swans are friendly by nature and will approach for a free meal. They are oblivious to traffic and can often be seen walking along the road. If you do spot a swan on a road then please be careful and report to us as quickly as possible or contact the local police.

Fishing tackle - whilst most fishermen are extremely careful we do attend a lot of birds that become entwined in discarded line or hooks. These instances do appear more prevalent when the youngsters are off school so we ask all parents to impress upon their children the importance of not discarding unwanted tackle.